Lazy Gaming
Jul 16, 2017

Terms of service


Edited: Jul 16, 2017

1.) Account can be suspended if forum/comment rules are broken.

2.) Account can be suspended if you open another account after you have already been suspended, or if your other account was suspended.

3.) Account can be suspended if your linked to a comment that broke the terms of service any on part of this site.

4.) Account can be suspended if you are connected to an attempted hacking/or have hacked an account/or this site.

5.) After 3 strike's of braking the rule's, Account will be suspended.

6.) We have the right to make changes to this site, our terms of service, or close this site with out 30 days notice.

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  • Lazy Gaming
    Jul 16, 2017

    "Don't post these topics" - Politics - Hate Speech - Racism - Sex, drugs, and drinking "General Rules" - Stay on topic - if you go off topic, go to the general forum" "No illegal download links" - Account will be suspended/plus possible report to the FBI "No spamming forums/comments section any where on this site" - Account will be subject to review to be suspended.
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