Lazy Gaming
Nov 9, 2017

Unveloped Trouble shoot


Edited: Dec 30, 2017

Read the Manual before moving on.


Known issue's:

Coin's sometimes don't disappear when touched.

Game will lag and/or hang on slow computer's.

On some level's, game doesn't move on to next area.

Game pad doesn't respond sometimes.

Game has custom text but display's the default font some times (this may be a bug in the Stencyl engine or in the code).

Level's that have bonus area's, music change's channel's but doesn't change back.

Fog is programed in the ice world but doesn't display (this is a bug in the Stencyl engine).

In level 1 of the ice world, there is a scripted event to open the area up but doesn't sometimes.

You get stuck on/to door's that open with a switch sometimes.

In the mini game Angor's Tennis, the ball may be called out of bounds instead of a goal.

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