"Challenging" - Earth In The Porthole

"...Some levels look good."

- Area Of Gamers

Out now!

Travel from Hopeful hill's to the sands of Land of Heat and Death to the cold weather of ICE LAND to the awful game studio in The Summit and up The Tower of Creativity.

Out now on Steam for Windows.

Video Demo

Video Demo2

Check it out on Steam
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  • 4 world's

  • A complicated story

  • Saving your progress (Thank you)

  • Music

  • Arcade

  • Support for Xbox 360 controller's (Why?)

  • A wacky intro (So the Lazy Gaming logo wasn't having seizure's?)

  • The ability to pause

When you need a break, go to the arcade. It's filled with mini games.

Beta Madness:

More like long term memory loss! Go through the development stage's to reach...........what ever.